• Focus – You need to remember that business, along with life, is a series of peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows. When business is prosperous it is easy to visualize your goals and follow that tunnel vision needed to reach them. On the flip side, following a downturn in the economy and seeing numbers changing because of forces out of your control can be detrimental to your focus. In these times you need to look towards the long term and “ride the storm”


  • Finances – Where can you tighten up? There are a few different avenues that you can take in order to keep the company  moving forward and it won’t be easy- mostly when it comes to cutting hours and pay but what you are able to learn from these difficult decisions is how important it is to communicate. Be honest and open with your team, informing them of exactly where you stand and why you are making the choices that you are.


  • Flexibility – Find a need, and fill it. Now is the time that forces your creativity, promotes diversifying and gets you pursuing leads. The times of being too busy to take on new work aren’t present and you may need to take different actions for the next while, not knowing how much longer that next while will be.


  • Creativity – This goes along with flexibility and diversifying.  Your creative juices really flow when you know that you aren’t just day-dreaming, you are really striving to make a connection between ideas and reality. 


  • Endurance – When the easiest attitude to fall back on is “negativity” it can take everything you have to remain poised and remain positive. As a leader, it is absolutely essential that you set the standard for enduring this time. Keep optimistic, surround yourself with your closest friends, family and mentors and keep moving forward. Not only will your company thank-you for it, but the community as a whole, who needs your leadership now more than ever. 

Do you have any strategies you and your team have adapted to lead through an economic downturn? Share them in the comments section below.


mix 142.JPGRecently I had agreed to do a ride-along with Willy’s Trucking Service’s HSSE personnel, Carol, in order to learn a bit more about the trucks they use and to see a day-in-the-life of a delivery driver.

What I thought I was going to be paying attention to the whole day, and what actually ended up happening, were two different things. 

Yes, I did get a chance to pull on the air horn (which, by the way, everyone should do at least once in their lives) but the real eye opener was realizing that I am not as safe of a driver as I thought I was. 

Not only does a semi-truck driver need to be pro-active by knowing exactly when to shift one of the many, many gears to slow or speed up the truck, but the reactionary vision they need to have due to ignorant car drivers was made clear to me that day. 

  • BLIND SPOTS- We have all seen the stickers, ”If my mirrors can’t see you, I can’t see you!” stuck nicely to the back, side, front, all over the truck. There’s a reason for that. It is really difficult to see everything happening around your massive 50 foot long box trailer. If you thought it was tricky to see what is in the next lane when your ironed, collared shirt is hanging in the backseat, well, this is a whole new ball game. So, don’t ride along in a truckers blind spots. Be wary of a truck making a right turn as well, as they need those two lanes to maneuver and don’t need you trying to squeeze past them just to crush your Civic. 
  • BRAKING- that sweet spot in front of the semi truck that is empty enough to slip your BMW in front of because you sped up and were enjoying swerving in and out of lanes too much to actually get in BEHIND the truck like you should of, but cut off the trucker instead? Yeah..that. Don’t do that. They need ample time to shift down to come to a safe stop and they need ALL that space they leave in between themselves and the car in front of them. Don’t worry, you’ll still get there even if you have to slow down a bit to safely merge in behind or when it’s safer.
  • SHIFTING – have you been in a semi-truck? Have you seen that gear shift? 18 gears. Ok? Not just “Drive” and “Park” but basically they become “one” with their engine. Listening to the sound of the RPM’s rising and lowering, watching the gauges, working the pedals, shifting from one little rectangle box to another. It’s an art. One of which I will enjoy being the spectator of!  
  • ICY ROADS + EMPTY LOADS= SLIPPING – Of course you can’t know if there’s a full load in that van or not, but, just be extra careful on icy roads. I was being driven by a very capable, seasoned driver but knowing how easily the truck could slide and jack-knife with an empty van was enough to make me stop breathing every time a car would cut in front then slam on their brakes or swerve in front etc. I can’t stress this enough… Try your best to give truck drivers plenty of space in between your car and them. Everyone can breathe easier that way!
  • TRUCKERS CARE – they care! These are people that operate big machinery every day and do their utmost best to make sure everything is delivered on time but most importantly, safely. These are the people that will pull over on a snowy, dark highway when they see someone in distress to help you change a tire or put chains on (I have experienced this first hand!) They work long, strange hours and are away from their families that want them home safe and sound. 

Thank-you to Willy’s Trucking Service’s for the experience. 

Do you have any tips to add to this article? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by Melody Mills

February Feature:Q&A with our client Deb Kalyn from Nykal Enterprises Ltd

1.  What prompted you to seek Willy’s Trucking Services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?

When Greyhound’s schedules between Edmonton and Peace River changed and the hours at the bus depot changed, we needed to look at other options.  We also found that there were fewer and fewer transportation companies to choose from and we weren’t particularly happy with their service.

2.  Why did you specifically select Willy’s Trucking?

We were referred to Willy’s Trucking by a friend and were impressed with the service from the first time we used them. We kept coming back!

3.  What made you believe that Willy’s Trucking was the best for achieving your desired result?

Consistency in service!  With the added bonus of free delivery from the depot in Peace River to our work site on Weberville Road.

4. How did you benefit from working with Willy’s Trucking?

I am confident that when I put my order in for  pick up of stuff in Edmonton, it will happen and I will have my product in Peace River the next day!  

5.What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work with Willy’s Trucking?

Reliable product delivery

Product always arrives in good shape(not beat up)

6.What exactly did Willy’s Trucking do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

I don’t have to worry that my product will not arrive.  I know that my project will not be held up.

7.Describe why you feel that working with Willy’s Trucking was successful.

Confidence in service.

8.In the future, what type of businesses would most benefit from working with Willy’s Trucking?

Anyone in the construction business that needs to source product out of town.  We build houses and we also install municipal water and sewer services.  We know that when we need our pipe, it will get to our job site on time.

9.If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Willy’s Trucking or not, what would you say to them?

First of all, we are so glad we found your company! 

Willy’s customer service is the best in the trucking industry. 

I KNOW I will get my product the next day from Edmonton. 

They are reliable, trustworthy and friendly.  They will go the extra mile when need be to ensure their clients are well taken care of! 

Thank-you to Deb and Nykal Enterprises for their feedback! If you are a client of ours and have an interest in being featured on our blog, please email info@willystrucking.com

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Why we choose Kenworth Trucks and what that should mean to you.

Picture this: You are managing a business, you have deadlines but you also have “budget, budget, budget” ringing in your ears as you try to organize orders.

When orders and products arrive on time, you can concentrate on delivering to your client exactly what they need. That is why working with a company that understands the importance of using top quality tractors to ensure deliveries are always on schedule is of paramount importance.

How does a brand of tractor/trailor apply to your business? Because without the durability, reliability and quality of these rigs, we would be risking our business and yours. 

Since 2007 Willy’s Trucking Service has been building and transporting the Northern Alberta routes- Peace River Region covering South to Edmonton. With it’s climate, remote communities and rough roads, servicing Northern Alberta and delivering on-time comes down to many factors, one being ensuring you have the right equipment to do the job. Kenworth tractors equipped with the appropriate powertrain provides that security that our drivers need to know they are in the right rig to do the job. 

Currently our tractor-trailer fleet inventory consists of 85 registered units: 29 trucks and 56 trailers. Being experts in the transportation industry doesn’t solely mean knowing the routes and the rates, it means knowing exactly which equipment to choose to accomplish deliveries safely and on schedule. 

Do you have an experience with Kenworth trucks that enhanced your ability to produce great results for your transportation company? Please share in the comments below. 100_4253

Willy Schmidt- Canadian grit mixed with South American soul; one Entrepreneur’s story.

Born in High Level, Alberta, over 700km North of Edmonton, Willy’s first steps were on the hardened land of Northern Canada. For the first 5 years of his life him and his family resided in another remote location called La Crete. After that, they made the journey to the opposite side of the world, Bolivia, in South America.

They settled down in a town called Santa Rosa where they had a farm with all sorts of livestock, tractors and even horse and buggies.
The lifestyle was, of course, very different than that of Northern Canada’s but some things stayed the same, like the family’s love of living off the land, hunting local game and appreciating the wildlife. There was a variety of hunting including armadillos and rattlesnake hunting but some of Willy’s favourite animals to observe and to work with were monkeys, scarlet macaws and steer. From a very early age Willy has had a passion for being an important part of what is going on around him, not just watching everyone else do it.
When he was just six years old he was given the drivers seat to tractors on the farm!
 At 8 years of age Willy’s family came back to Canada and that is where he learnt how to weld after school at his father’s welding shop. Willy’s family was always an integral part of the community and they always believed in helping others and giving back. That is exactly what prompted them to return to Bolivia around Willy’s tenth birthday.
They returned to Bolivia with his fathers vision of helping people start their own farms. His father purchased bulldozers and they began their work helping the community and the locals.
By 11 years old Willy was working the fields with his family. Around the same time he managed to convince his parents to let him discontinue attending public school so he could work on his first business, farming the animals and selling the eggs in town.
By 14 he was bulldozing the land and selling/trading animals; a true businessman at heart! 14 was also a very special age for boys in his community, it meant it was time for him to experience independence and he got his first “car”. This wasn’t a vehicle a city kid would be used to..it was actually a horse and cart. That horse and cart would take him all the way into town, some 35kms away, just so he could do his trading on his own now.
At 16 years old Willy decided he was an adult, he could do just fine on his own now. He packed up his clothing, slapped a bag on his back and headed towards the next town; it was there that he worked alongside the only other foreigner in town.
At 18 Willy decided to move back to Canada and the rest of his family followed shortly after. His trail blazing spirit, knowledge of the trades and dedication to helping people around him have all contributed to the successful company he has today, Willy’s Trucking Services.


photo 3

Trucking Services we offer:

* Daily – Overnight to Destinations
* Delivery & Pick-up Service
* Hotshot Service
* Dry Van
* Tridem 53′ Vans & Decks
* Super-B Decks
* Pup Van & Decks
* Pipe Haul

Repair Services:

We offer a wide range of services for the automotive and heavy duty repair market. Our service is highly professional, competitively priced and executed with your timeline in mind.

Mat Services:

Based out of Peace River and capable of serving all of Alberta, we have a large supply of high quality mats, including spruce, fir and oak access mats.

  • Our rig mats are filled with SPF #2 and better 6 X 6 timbers. Timbers are notched on site. Rails and crossbeams are W6 X 15 beam.
  • Steel is stored indoors in a heated facility and all waste is recycled.
  • Willy’s Mats offers top quality innovative mat solutions serving oil, gas and mining industries.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a wide range of mats using only the highest grade materials. We take pride in designing and building mats to meet your individual requirements.

Why consider Willy’s Trucking Services?

Whether you are preparing to begin construction on a rig in Northern Alberta, developing plans for a high-rise in downtown Edmonton or requiring a certification on your own tractor/semi’s, you will need to contract out services. Choosing the correct partner means striking a balance between time and budgetary constraints. Get the balance wrong and you will be faced with cost overrun, defaulting a project and disappointing clients.

When choosing whom to work with there are some points to consider:

  • how reliable are their services? how long have they been around for?
  • what differentiates one trucking company from another?
  •  what are their people like?

Willy’s Trucking Service’s has been operating as Northern Alberta’s premiere choice for freight delivery, oilfield mat supplier and heavy duty repair since 2007 with one gravel truck and continue to grow. Privately owned and locally minded, we pride ourselves on executing the notion that our clients are our “investors”, meaning we do not answer to a board focusing on “the bottom line”, rather, we maintain an ideology that our clients drive our business. Because of our history, ideology and core values we have managed to not only maintain, but grow into the company we are today. We are confident that our company would be a key player in assisting in the execution of projects happening in Northern, Central or Southern Alberta.