Willy’s Top Summer Road-Trip Tips 

Willy’s Top Summer Road-Trip Tips 

It’s that time of the year again!  Time to gas up the car, throw your suitcase in the back and head out on the open road for a summer getaway with your friends and family.

Road-tripping is a fantastic way to explore your own backyard or new territories – both near or far.  However, nothing can ruin the mood or even your entire trip like being underprepared to handle the distance, and especially to overcome the unexpected.  Take it from us.

Because we want to see you make memories for the scrapbook and memory book, we’ve compiled some of our top tips to help you cover more ground on your road trip this summer.

  1. TUNE HER UP.  Make sure your vehicle is in good condition to handle various road conditions (from winding hills to off-road gravel), and weather conditions (from heat to rain-showers). Take your vehicle in for service before you head out on your trip. Get an oil change, evaluate your tires, and test your air conditioning to ensure you get to and from your destination safely. WATER. WATER. WATER. Keep a good amount of water in your car – a 24-case would be ideal. Stay hydrated so you stay alert on the road. Should the worst happen, and your car break down when you’re miles or hours away from anywhere, it will pay off to ensure you’re never dehydrated.
  2. WATCH FOR WILDLIFE.  Yes, it’s a great idea to watch for wildlife for those Instagram photos, when you’re taking roadside breaks from driving. However, we want to stress the importance of watching for wildlife while on the road – from dawn to mid-day, to dusk. Should you hit an animal or swerve to miss hitting an animal, major damage could occur to your vehicle, leaving you stranded. So stay alert, and keep your eyes peeled – especially when driving through areas marked with wildlife signage.
  3. MAKE USE OF THAT PLANNER.  Dust off the planner you received for Christmas, and map out your route as best you can ahead of time. Be sure to be aware of where gas stations are along the way, any alternate routes that could also get you to your destination in the event of an accident or traffic, and any service shops. It never hurts to be over-prepared so that you avoid running out of gas, being stranded with no sense of direction, or have anything unplanned kill your vibe!
  4. DID YOU CHECK THE MAP?  No, we don’t mean Google Maps. We mean the old paper map that mom and dad used to bring with them on road trips when you were a kid. Bring a paper map with you and mark your route before you go. While we live in a tech-based world, technology can sometimes fail us and you’ll be happy when you’re not standing in the middle of nowhere wondering which way is which.
  5. GO THE DISTANCE.  Charge up all your gadgets before you go, so you’re at maximum battery power for the drive. Invest in a power cord that connects to your vehicle, or a portable battery pack that can be used as a backup or emergency. For those long-haul drives, plan out designated break times between drivers, or for the sole driver, to always remain alert on the road.
  6. THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT.  Load up with all of the road-tripping apps before you set out, to help make your road-trip that much more enjoyable. From gas-station and grocery store finders to roadside attractions, there’s a full gamut of apps to ensure you make the most of every minute of your drive. 
  7. TAKE IT ALL IN.  Most importantly, take time to stop along the way to explore things that catch your eye, experience new things and, jump on cool or exciting attractions that you may not have planned. Road trips are amazing when you’re prepared from all angles, but they are also about enjoying the unexpected surprises that may come along with them. These are what create the stories you’ll go on to tell for years afterward.

Happy Road-Trippin’!


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