End of the Year Letter: Willy’s Trucking Services 2017

Looking back at our humble beginnings, it is hard to believe that one man and a truck could evolve over the next decade into an award-winning team of 65 people and 35 trucks. But thanks to the dedication of our team, hard work, and new technology, Willy’s Trucking has reached heights that we never dreamed were possible.

As we approach the New Year, join us as we look back on some of the most rewarding milestones and accomplishments from the past year. It is of importance to note that we could not have achieved these milestones without the support of our team members and the community at large. Here are a few highlights of our achievements in 2017:

1) Willy’s celebrated 10 years of industry leadership!

One of the most amazing aspects of owning a business is watching your business evolve over time. It is hard to believe that Willy’s Trucking began with one man and a gravel truck in October of 2007. We now have over 65 employees and a fleet of 35 trucks and 60 trailers to serve our growing customer base.

2) To benefit our clients and drivers, we introduced cutting-edge technology.

Our primary goal is to be the most exceptional carrier in the transportation industry. In pursuit of that goal, we recently introduced TruckMate to increase efficiency and convenience for our clients and drivers. TruckMate is a proven system that has enabled us to respond faster to our customers in virtually every way. From the moment a customer requests a pickup to the moment an invoice is generated, TruckMate has supplied us with the tools we need to continue to improve our customer service. 2017 was definitely the year we drove into digital.

3) Willy’s Trucking set an all-time revenue record.

Our commitment to superb customer service has helped Willy’s become one of the most trusted names in logistics in Western Canada. Our customer base is larger than ever and we are very fortunate to have the continued support of clients who have been with us since we were in our formative years. Thanks to customer loyalty and a team of employees that works tirelessly to respond to customer needs, we set an all-time revenue record in 2017.

4) Connecting communities.

From organizing donations for the BC Wildfire evacuees to sponsoring scholarship fundraising breakfasts, the team at Willy’s Trucking is proud to donate our time and energy to helping the communities that surround us. We also ramped up our participation in industry trade shows and meetings to ensure that we remain as connected as possible with our clients. Receiving our Community Involvement Award from the Peace River Chamber of Commerce was an extremely awarding evening for us, to see our efforts being recognized as well as meeting so many industry influencers in person! Thank-you to the Davis Awards organizers for that amazing evening.

5) We shattered last year’s social media activity.

Remaining connected with our clients and the Canadian community is a top priority for Willy’s. Through our social media sites, we share helpful information and exciting industry news with our friends and clients. As a result of our efforts, our number of “Likes” on Willy’s Trucking Services Facebook page grew from 1,000 in 2016 to over 2,600 in 2017. We are most proud of the fact that organic growth accounted for this increase.

As we drive into 2018, we will continue our efforts to establish ourselves as the most outstanding carrier in Canada. With your continued support, we will continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients in the New Year. We look forward to sharing many more successes with you and the Willy’s Trucking team in 2018!

Best regards, Willy Schmidt and Bernard Dyck


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