4 Reasons We Use Social Media As A Communication Tool

Your business has probably already figured out that using Facebook for marketing is essential in 2016, but what about within the company? At Willy’s Trucking Services, we are a big fan of utilizing social media as a communication tool within our organization. Here’s why:facebook-logo

– Communication in multi-location organizations is not always easy. Different geographical areas, crunch time at different times of day, time zone differences; these all present challenges. Facebook was suggested by one of our team leaders quite some time ago as a means of communication, and was actually implemented as a private Facebook group with our team leaders. More recently, a private group was also created and is available for everyone employed by our company. Between the two Facebook groups we find that a lot of general business information is shared and seen by everyone as they have time in their schedule. Of course, there’s the ‘connectedness / social’ element too, with pictures of puppies and inspirational quotes. Facebook groups have become a well used and well liked means of communication in our company.

– Most of our employees have access to either a smartphone or a mobile device, and are already connected on services like Facebook of their own accord. This makes implementing a “Facebook communication” method rather cost friendly for everybody.

– We’ve asked that all our team leaders be connected with the private Facebook group for us to be able to keep them informed with general business information as it is available and to collectively share what we know. Our second group is optional, with over half of our current staff having joined. As we continue to grow the company, participation in these groups will be encouraged more. Keeping communication up to date is an important part of the company’s success in keeping our team well informed which in turn keeps the morale high.

– Many people are already used to connecting with this service and for that reason it seemed like a natural fit. Features like ‘Expressions’ / ‘Who has seen the post’ / ‘Pictures and Videos’ / ‘Notifications’ / ‘Facebook Live’ and others make this tool very useful, efficient and productive.

Does your company use social media this way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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