February Feature:Q&A with our client Deb Kalyn from Nykal Enterprises Ltd

1.  What prompted you to seek Willy’s Trucking Services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?

When Greyhound’s schedules between Edmonton and Peace River changed and the hours at the bus depot changed, we needed to look at other options.  We also found that there were fewer and fewer transportation companies to choose from and we weren’t particularly happy with their service.

2.  Why did you specifically select Willy’s Trucking?

We were referred to Willy’s Trucking by a friend and were impressed with the service from the first time we used them. We kept coming back!

3.  What made you believe that Willy’s Trucking was the best for achieving your desired result?

Consistency in service!  With the added bonus of free delivery from the depot in Peace River to our work site on Weberville Road.

4. How did you benefit from working with Willy’s Trucking?

I am confident that when I put my order in for  pick up of stuff in Edmonton, it will happen and I will have my product in Peace River the next day!  

5.What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work with Willy’s Trucking?

Reliable product delivery

Product always arrives in good shape(not beat up)

6.What exactly did Willy’s Trucking do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

I don’t have to worry that my product will not arrive.  I know that my project will not be held up.

7.Describe why you feel that working with Willy’s Trucking was successful.

Confidence in service.

8.In the future, what type of businesses would most benefit from working with Willy’s Trucking?

Anyone in the construction business that needs to source product out of town.  We build houses and we also install municipal water and sewer services.  We know that when we need our pipe, it will get to our job site on time.

9.If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Willy’s Trucking or not, what would you say to them?

First of all, we are so glad we found your company! 

Willy’s customer service is the best in the trucking industry. 

I KNOW I will get my product the next day from Edmonton. 

They are reliable, trustworthy and friendly.  They will go the extra mile when need be to ensure their clients are well taken care of! 

Thank-you to Deb and Nykal Enterprises for their feedback! If you are a client of ours and have an interest in being featured on our blog, please email info@willystrucking.com

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