Why we choose Kenworth Trucks and what that should mean to you.

Picture this: You are managing a business, you have deadlines but you also have “budget, budget, budget” ringing in your ears as you try to organize orders.

When orders and products arrive on time, you can concentrate on delivering to your client exactly what they need. That is why working with a company that understands the importance of using top quality tractors to ensure deliveries are always on schedule is of paramount importance.

How does a brand of tractor/trailor apply to your business? Because without the durability, reliability and quality of these rigs, we would be risking our business and yours. 

Since 2007 Willy’s Trucking Service has been building and transporting the Northern Alberta routes- Peace River Region covering South to Edmonton. With it’s climate, remote communities and rough roads, servicing Northern Alberta and delivering on-time comes down to many factors, one being ensuring you have the right equipment to do the job. Kenworth tractors equipped with the appropriate powertrain provides that security that our drivers need to know they are in the right rig to do the job. 

Currently our tractor-trailer fleet inventory consists of 85 registered units: 29 trucks and 56 trailers. Being experts in the transportation industry doesn’t solely mean knowing the routes and the rates, it means knowing exactly which equipment to choose to accomplish deliveries safely and on schedule. 

Do you have an experience with Kenworth trucks that enhanced your ability to produce great results for your transportation company? Please share in the comments below. 100_4253


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