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Trucking Services we offer:

* Daily – Overnight to Destinations
* Delivery & Pick-up Service
* Hotshot Service
* Dry Van
* Tridem 53′ Vans & Decks
* Super-B Decks
* Pup Van & Decks
* Pipe Haul

Repair Services:

We offer a wide range of services for the automotive and heavy duty repair market. Our service is highly professional, competitively priced and executed with your timeline in mind.

Mat Services:

Based out of Peace River and capable of serving all of Alberta, we have a large supply of high quality mats, including spruce, fir and oak access mats.

  • Our rig mats are filled with SPF #2 and better 6 X 6 timbers. Timbers are notched on site. Rails and crossbeams are W6 X 15 beam.
  • Steel is stored indoors in a heated facility and all waste is recycled.
  • Willy’s Mats offers top quality innovative mat solutions serving oil, gas and mining industries.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a wide range of mats using only the highest grade materials. We take pride in designing and building mats to meet your individual requirements.


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