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Trucking Services we offer:

* Daily – Overnight to Destinations
* Delivery & Pick-up Service
* Hotshot Service
* Dry Van
* Tridem 53′ Vans & Decks
* Super-B Decks
* Pup Van & Decks
* Pipe Haul

Repair Services:

We offer a wide range of services for the automotive and heavy duty repair market. Our service is highly professional, competitively priced and executed with your timeline in mind.

Mat Services:

Based out of Peace River and capable of serving all of Alberta, we have a large supply of high quality mats, including spruce, fir and oak access mats.

  • Our rig mats are filled with SPF #2 and better 6 X 6 timbers. Timbers are notched on site. Rails and crossbeams are W6 X 15 beam.
  • Steel is stored indoors in a heated facility and all waste is recycled.
  • Willy’s Mats offers top quality innovative mat solutions serving oil, gas and mining industries.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a wide range of mats using only the highest grade materials. We take pride in designing and building mats to meet your individual requirements.

Why consider Willy’s Trucking Services?

Whether you are preparing to begin construction on a rig in Northern Alberta, developing plans for a high-rise in downtown Edmonton or requiring a certification on your own tractor/semi’s, you will need to contract out services. Choosing the correct partner means striking a balance between time and budgetary constraints. Get the balance wrong and you will be faced with cost overrun, defaulting a project and disappointing clients.

When choosing whom to work with there are some points to consider:

  • how reliable are their services? how long have they been around for?
  • what differentiates one trucking company from another?
  •  what are their people like?

Willy’s Trucking Service’s has been operating as Northern Alberta’s premiere choice for freight delivery, oilfield mat supplier and heavy duty repair since 2007 with one gravel truck and continue to grow. Privately owned and locally minded, we pride ourselves on executing the notion that our clients are our “investors”, meaning we do not answer to a board focusing on “the bottom line”, rather, we maintain an ideology that our clients drive our business. Because of our history, ideology and core values we have managed to not only maintain, but grow into the company we are today. We are confident that our company would be a key player in assisting in the execution of projects happening in Northern, Central or Southern Alberta.